Metallic Conversion Corporation

Metallic Conversion is a full service supply chain management provider to consumers, producers and suppliers of industrial metals, from scrap to prime. We provide and manage the supply of tens of thousands of tons of base metals, including various grades of Aluminum, Zinc, and Copper, annually for our clients. Additionally, we have ferrous supply chain solutions in place that supply hundreds of thousands of tons per year of iron units to our customers. Our services empower our customers to better manage their balance sheets while facilitating confidence in Just-In-Time supplies of metallics.

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Metallic Conversion

2Metallic Conversion Corporation is an Illinois corporation established to optimize industrial and dealer metallic supply chain opportunities in the global marketplace. We at Metallic Conversion Corp. invite you to take advantage of our expertise in, and enthusiasm for, managing the best value-added supply chain programs in the industry. Metallic Conversion’s supply chain and scrap management programs have these principal objectives:

  • Promote pricing flexibility and cost transparency of metals supply chains
  • Maximize return on clients’ capital and optimize their balance sheet by providing creative supply chain architecture and flexible payment terms
  • Provide supplier and grade redundancy to ensure metallics availability to meet consumers'needs
  • Provide hands-on logistics management, optimizing Just-In-Time deliveries and aiding our customers in tracking materials en route
  • Improve accountability for scrap production streams to increase client revenues

Metallic Conversion Corp. can put in place an integrated materials management program for consumers and/or suppliers of various grades of metal.

Consumers of prime and scrap metals leverage Metallic Conversion’s expertise and market reach to manage and optimize their supply chains, just-in-time shipment scheduling and “emergency” material procurement.

Our scrap programs maximize the value of excess material and empower our clients to track where/when scrap is being generated in the manufacturing process. This information, in turn, can be used to optimize processes, reduce waste, decrease costs, and increase earnings. Metallic Conversion Corp. will get the highest value added revenue for scrap suppliers in the global market at the point of generation. Based on a reputation with consumers for integrity and problem solving, Metallic Conversion is uniquely capable of unlocking the full value of our clients’ scrap streams.

Metallic Conversion Corporation looks forward to addressing all of your materials management needs. For scrap producers, Metallic Conversion is pleased to spot equipment on site. Whether you require roll-off boxes, self-dumping hoppers, trailers, and/or onsite processing equipment we look forward to putting together a custom solution tailored to your scrap management needs.

Our expertise and flexibility allows us to price material for spot purchases or long-term contracts with flat or index pricing.

We look forward to solving your metals supply problems!


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