11Metals supply chain management / sourcing programs should have these principal objectives:

  • Promote pricing flexibility and cost transparency of metals supply chains

  • Maximize return on clients’ capital and optimize their balance sheet by providing creative supply chain architecture and flexible payment terms

  • Provide supplier and grade redundancy to ensure metallics availability to meet consumers'needs

  • Provide hands-on logistics management, optimizing Just-In-Time deliveries and aiding our customers in tracking materials en route

  • Improve accountability for scrap production streams to increase client revenues

Scrap management programs should have these principal objectives:

  • Maximize revenue and promote pricing transparency

  • Optimize efficiency and accountability

  • Metallic Conversion Corp. can put in place a metals management program that addresses these concerns with an integrated solution. Our supply chain management programs streamline prime metals and scrap procurement and logistics while our scrap supplier programs maximize the value of scrap metal sales. Our programs also empower you to track where/when scrap is being generated in your manufacturing process. This information in turn can be used to optimize processes, reduce waste, reduce cost, and increase earnings.